Empowering farmers in Africa

We believe that we can contribute to enhancing crop yields by providing farmers with the means to a sustainable yield.

Working together for a stronger future

SoilCares is creating revolutionary and affordable soil testing technologies and working together with extension officers, government bodies, NGOs, agro-dealers and cooperatives, to reach the farmers of Africa and provide them with high quality and reliable advice.

The SoilCares Africa team is made up of international, ambitious and exciting people who are looking to revolutionise soil testing in Africa. 

  • Stronger soil health
  • Easy and simple soil-testing
  • Complete solutions for every price range
  • Integrated soil fertility management
  • Easy to use and understand

Present in Kenya from day one

Meet our dedicated team of young and skilled enthusiastic Kenyan professionals who want to contribute to improving African farming in a sustainable and profitable way.

Together with our scientific and ICT teams in The Netherlands and in Turkey, we want to share our knowledge and experience internationally.

Kenyan team.JPG

Working together

Working with a variety of agents and using different means SoilCares reaches out to more farmers. Get in touch with us to learn more about the work we do and on how to get involved.


Always at hand

SoilCares has a strong feedback and support structure for technology owners. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you and your product will be supported by our help desk after you buy.


Fast and easy recommendations

SoilCares technology provides quick, easy and reliable agricultural management recommendations to farmers through its solutions and service providers.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!