Farmer Success Story: Benson Mwiti

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Tomatoes Farmer, Meru County

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Benson is the firstborn amongst his 2 siblings and owns a 32 acre piece of land in Meru County. Benson started commercial farming in 2015 before which he was doing financial management.

Benson learnt about soil testing at farmers centre. He was accompanied by one expert who taught him to collect a soil sample which was taken to the SoilCares lab. Immediately he received the results and he acted quickly to implement the recommendations. He was advised to lime his land and apply organic manure.

Benson tested his soil in order to increase yields, he also wanted to move from subsistence farming to profitable farming.

‘My tomatoes used to be very dry and not appealing to the customer, but after I followed the recommendation they are very succulent and appealing’.

Benson used to harvest 5 tonnes of tomatoes in an acre which could sell at 30 shillings per kilogram, but after testing his soil Benson has surpassed this and is currently projecting 20-25tonnes of tomatoes in his 2 acre tomatoes farm. His tomatoes are selling at 60 shillings per kilogram.

Being new in farming, most of his profits is used to develop his farm and pay his support staff.

‘I am a happy person, I am able to plough back what I invested’.

‘Farming is good, for the first time I am a full manager at my own firm, embracing my skills at my own territories’. 

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