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Mr Cosmas Keter is a small holder farmer from Uasin Gishu County. He grows maize and wheat on his 5 acre piece of land. He got to know and learn about soil testing in Tarakwo Dairy cooperative where he is also a member.

Cosmas experienced crop failure in the past- yellowing of his maize and yield reduction but he did not have conclusive reasons for poor performance of his crops. Like most of his fellow farmers, he blindly purchased fertilizer without having his soil tested and this effort did not translate into production gain.

So when Tarakwo Dairy introduced their new project for testing soil using Scanner, he took his soil sample to be tested. The soil test report indicated farm soil was acidic at pH 4.6 and was recommended to use lime and manure for soil amendment at planting. Due to financial problems he could not afford to buy the recommended inputs for the whole 5 acre farm. He therefore applied lime only on half of his farm.

The performance of treated and untreated plot showed him the importance of testing soil and following through with the correction plan.

In the next planting season, Cosmas intends to lime the remaining field as he has witnessed first-hand the impact of adopting Soil Cares correction plan.

Mr Cosmas Keter was really happy with the outcome of the treated farm, every stalk produced two to three corns in the farm. He is sure he will double his yield this year. He is sure of getting 30 bags per acre, something that has never happened before. He appreciated SoilCares for bringing soil testing technology closer to farmers and urges all farmers to test their soil and follow through with the correction plan.

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