SoilCares and Farmer Centre join forces to bring soil testing to Kenya

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SoilCares is working in partnership with Farmer Centre to bring soil testing to the farmers of Meru and its surrounding area.


Farmer Centre has bought a Lab-in-a-box and is now running it as their own to bring soil testing one step closer to the farmer.

Soil testing for farmers is the key to a successful and prosperous harvest, as well as buying the correct inputs such as fertilisers.

The Farmer Centre Lab-in-a-box was set up in November 2015, they are now receiving over 15 farmers a day wanting to get their soil tested. As the planting season approaches they expect this number to rise. 

If you are a farmer in Meru, Kenya and you want to get your soil tested, please get in touch with Farmer Centre here: 

+254 064 32368

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