Farmer Success Story: Judith Makena

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Crop farmer, Meru County

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Judith is a farmer and the mother of two children. She owns a 15 acre piece of land in Meru County where she grows potatoes, beans and maize. Judith has been a farmer for the past 5 years after she realized her shop was not giving her substantial returns.

Judith wanted to venture into commercial potatoes production, but her yields were not doing so well. This is when she decided to carry out soil analysis to know if her soil was suitable for growing potatoes. She was accompanied by a soil testing expert from Farmer Centre Meru who collected her sample for testing.

The results showed her soil was suitable for growing potatoes, and she was advised to apply CAN at planting and for topdressing.

“My potatoes used to be small in size, but after I tested my soil the potatoes increased in size, People used to come take pictures of my farm.”

Judith yields doubled, she harvested 250 bags of 50 kg each, instead of the usual 70-80 bags of potatoes. She managed to sell 230 bags whereby prices ranged between 4000 and 5000 Kshs.

“I used the profits to continue some rental houses under construction”.

Currently Judith cultivates only 6 acres of her land, she intends to expand and utilise the whole 15 acres.

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