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Milka Muge is a widowed single mother from Kipkaren Eldoret in Uasin Gishu county. She is a committed farmer and owns 5 acres of land where she plants maize. She got to know and learn about soil testing in Tanykina Dairy cooperative where she is also a member of the cooperative.

She usually sells her maize yields to the Kenya Cereal board, and this helps her pay for her kids school fees and even provide basic needs at home. 

Before testing her soil, her average yield range were 15 -20 bags of maize per acre. Milka already thought there was something wrong with the soil because the plants grew really short and became yellow during the season. She used to apply DAP, but this did not result to any changes in plant condition.

When Tanykina Dairy partnered with SoilCares and introduced the soil Scanner for testing soil, Milka followed the instructions on how to take a soil sample and took her 5 acre soil sample for testing. The report showed that her soil was too acidic and recommended to add lime which she did. Now her crops look very healthy and Milka is sure to harvest 40-45 bags of maize per acre this harvesting season.

Milka is now a happy farmer and promised to advise other farmers to also test their soil for better yields in the future.

Below is Milka Muge’s farm after she followed the recommendations.

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