Farmer Success Story: Paul Bett Shangai

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Crop (maize) farmer

Mr Paul Bett Shangai is a smallholder farmer from Uasin Gishu County with more than 20 years of experience in agribusiness industry. He produces mainly maize on his 20 acreage field and sells to Kenya Cereal Board in Eldoret. His production over the last decade has been declining as he had never tested his soil before.

During a farmer training session at Tarakwo Dairy, he was informed of the new soil testing tool – the Scanner which was recently acquired by the Tarakwo Dairy. After being trained on soil sampling procedure, Paul divided his land into 5 plots and took a sample from each plot for testing. He got his soil tested at a very affordable price and recommendation report in less than 15 minutes. The report recommended to use DAP and CAN on the farm which he followed through.

Mr Paul Shangai is now happy farmer - his crops are healthy and vigorous. He expects to harvest more than 300 bags which is twice his previous harvest.

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