Farmer Success Story: PETER CHEBON

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Peter Chebon, quit his job as a teacher in a local secondary school to start farming in 2012, He provides for his wife and two teenagers. He and his wife grow maize and also rear cows and sheep’s. Chebon is the chairman of Peer Farmer Trainers in Tarakwo Dairy Cooperative. SoilCares Africa through Heifer International gave the cooperative thorough trainings on soil testing and he decided to try it. His wife was sceptical of soil testing and thereby they split one acre piece of land into two halves for a test. On the half acre he tested his soil and applied the recommendations.


Chebon realized remarkable changes during the growth of his maize on the tested plot: The maize was growing faster and healthier and he harvested 48 bags of maize. On the other half his wife managed the maize as they used to do. On this half the maize didn’t grow as fast and healthy and the wife only harvested 10 bags of maize.

Chebon harvested 300 bags from the 3 acre piece of land where he had planted maize, whereby a bag was selling at 3000 Kshs.

His milk production also increased instead of the usual 30 litres he now supplies 60 litres to the dairy cooperative. This was caused by the increase in maize yield after doing the soil analysis, providing him with enough to feed his animals even during drought season.

With the proceeds from the sale, Chebon was able to buy a 10 acre piece of land.

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