Rabobank Foundation and SoilCares Foundation Sign MoU

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On the June 14, Rabobank Foundation and SoilCares Foundation have signed a MoU in the presence of deputy minister Van Dam of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, promising 400,000 Euros which will be used to buy 200 Scanners for farmers in Kenya.

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The MoU will see Rabobank Foundation donate EUR 400,000 to enable the introduction of over 150 SoilCares scanners, with the aim of assisting smallholder farmers realize better soil fertility, productivity and income.

The SoilCares scanner is the first device in the world providing very affordable, realtime, on-the-spot soil analyses and fertiliser recommendations. With the scanner, Kenyan smallholder farmers will be able to determine which fertiliser inputs are needed and at what quantities. Kenya is the first country where the scanner will be introduced.

Deputy minister Van Dam is in Kenya and Tanzania this week. Focus of this visit is the development of potato production and yield improvements. The SoilCares scanner can also contribute to these developments.

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