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Crop and Animal farming, Meru County

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75 years old Robert Guantai is a farmer from Imenti north constituency, Meru County. Guantai bought the 10 acre piece of land in 1966, where he plants onions, maize, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes and many more. Guantai also rears cows, geese, ducks, pigs, and ostrich.

To Guantai farming has always been something he enjoyed, even when he was a teacher he still spared some time away from the classroom for farming. However, Guantai ventured fully into commercial farming after his retirement as an educational officer.

Guantai used DAP every season to fertilize the soil, but his crops were still not doing well and sometimes he could experience total crop failure. After consulting his local agro-dealer he was introduced to soil testing. Guantai was accompanied by a soil testing expert who collected his soil sample and took it to the nearby SoilCares lab for testing. The results showed his soil was highly acidic and Guantai was advised to apply lime and use organic manure.

Before soil testing his onions were not doing well, Guantai: “The input was always more than the output”, but after soil testing Guantai managed 4 tonnes of onions from half an acre of land. Which resulted to a profit of 150,000 shillings.

Guantai used his profits to cultivate the whole 10 acre field of land.

“I plan to plant more and continue testing my soil, as it is compulsory”.

“I urge fellow farmers to do profitable farming, but before this, one should know the status of their soil’’.

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