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Shamba Shape Up, one of Africa's biggest hit TV shows, is running a competition with SoilCares to reach farmers who are struggling to test their soil in a cheap, easy and reliable fashion.

Shamba Shape Up’s estimated audience in the first series is around 5 million, with this number rising to 10 million by the end of series 5 in the whole of East Africa (and 5 million in Kenya alone). If even just 10% of the viewers of series one adopt new practices as a result of the show, that’s 1 million farmers who’s sustainable livelihoods have become more informed and productive.

Shamba Shape Up

SoilCares has been partnering with Shamba Shape Up, one of Africa's biggest hit TV shows, for the last couple of series. The show, which is watched by over 10 million African farmers worldwide is a great hit and the perfect way to disseminate information of our soil testing equipment and the work it can do. 

As the newest series starts, with the first episode airing in East Africa this weekend, SoilCares joined forces with the show to create an irresistible competition with some great prizes!

The competition, which has been held on the show's 53,000-strong Facebook page, features the new SoilCares Scanner. The questions focus around why the Scanner is such a great new piece of technology and what it can be used for. 

Answers have been coming in from several different sources, and at last count the competition had over 10 responses, on its first day, as well as a lot of interest in how to learn more about the Scanner itself. 

The competition closes on Wednesday 16th March 2016, and we hope to get more answers in before then!

Thanks to Shamba Shape Up for helping us to reach out to farmers who may not have had the chance to learn about the importance of soil testing, and we hope to hold more in the future!

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