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SoilCares Foundation and SoilCares Africa will together partner with SNV under the HortIMPACT program to test different ways of offering soil analysis to smallholder farmers in Kenya by using SoilCares’ newest innovative technology: the Scanner.

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We all know that we are heading towards a world food crisis: in 2050 9 billion mouths need to be fed with less arable land available. FAO calculated that this means we need a 70% food production increase to make this happen. Luckily the production potential in developing countries is huge, and yet, still unrealized. This yield gap is mainly caused by poor soil fertility.

Together, SoilCares and SoilCares Foundation believe that part of the solution to the yield gap challenge lies in making the SoilCares Scanner and its advice affordable and accessible to smallholder farmers in developing countries through service providers that already have a network of farmers. Something that is easier said than done.

That is why SoilCares Foundation and SoilCares Africa will perform a first field trial under the HortIIMPACT program of SNV to test the business models of these different types of service providers that will offer soil analyses to smallholder farmers in Kenya.

In this trial we want to make a first step in understanding the relationship between the service providers and the smallholder farmers they will serve to see how we can create a win-win situation: increased yields for the farmer and increased revenues for the service provider.

Service providers that were targeted are Agro-dealers, Private Extension officers, Farmer Groups/Co-operatives and Outgrower schemes. Within the field trial seven scanners will be divided among these different groups and they will be monitored for 3 months in the field.

Each week we will give a short weekly update on how the project is going and what we have learned so far. We are excited to begin this journey of introducing this new technology in Kenya and we hope you are too.



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