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Being able to read fertiliser recommendations correctly enables you to make the right decision to grow high-yielding crops. Since farmers pay so much for fertilizers, they need to know about the fertility status of their soil to make informed decisions. Understanding the need to know your soil and to understand the consequences, opportunities and threats based on the output of analyses is vital. SoilCares has developed an integrated soil fertility training that offers the smallholder farmer practical tools to enhance his soil quality, also it offers further insight in the results of soil analyses and recommendations.

SoilCares African Hub offers a range of trainings such as:

  • Good Agricutural Practices for Smallholder Farmers
  • Integrated Soil Fertility Management for Smallholder Farmers
  • Compost making and the use of farm own organic matter as natural fertilizer
  • Soil Sampling including GPS positioning

If you are interested in organizing a training please contact our office at for an customized offer.

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