Thika Distribution Event

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Fadhili Africa were all smiles after receiving 5 scanners and 5 printers from Soilcares Foundation under the Rabobank project. The distribution event took place on 7th February 2017 at Eton Hotel Thika. Training on marketing models, soil analysis and a comprehensive demonstration on the use of the handheld scanner were conducted by sally and Jacob from Soilcares.

Overseeing the distribution event were two representatives from Rabobank, representatives from Soilcares and our host Fadhili Africa. The event ended with official handing over of the scanners to Fadhili Africa.

The microfinance main concern was to be provided with an expert from Soilcares when using the scanners for the first time in the field, which was abrupt and not planned for. However, Soilcares Foundation promised to conduct regular trainings on the same to ensure they are perfect and confident with using the scanner.

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