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SoilCares has the aim to provide as many affordable and easy to operate quality soil laboratories in order to bring analyses to every farmer in the world. For this we have created a franchise or partnership model where you either become a respresentative of SoilCares or become a franchisee of the SoilCares laboratories. We welcome you to contact us if you think SoilCares and want to become involved.

SoilCares has created an indoor (lab-in-a-Box) and mobile (Lab in a Land Rover) laboratory for soil and compost testing that can run samples and provide crop specific recommendations to produce the maximum based on the ability of the farmer to invest in fertilisers. These labs are capable of analyzing and reporting between 50 and 75 samples within a day. Results and recommendations will be generated through a central database that also matches with other data sources and is self learning.

The integrated soil fertility recommendations are fit for small holder farmers, and explain the basic advice provided in simple terms. The farmers can actually wait for their results to be produced, as samples are analyzed and reported on the same day. The Mobile lab would be a good addition to any agricultural field event offering explanations and instructions to farmers based on the outcome of their tests and create awareness for the benefits of knowing your soils. 

As we have seen that the organic matter content in the soil is vital for the longer term future of good agricultural production in Africa.

  • Become a SoilCares laboratory site (franchise): buy/lease the sensor plate soil lab, get connected to database, offer analyses/recommendations under own (powered by) or SoilCares name, organize own sampling, pay fee for database use. 
  • Become a SoilCares Mobile Laboratory site: buy/lease a mobile soil lab marketed under the SoilCares name and run SoilCares services in your own territory. Follow certain structures by SoilCares (logo and name use etc). 

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