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SoilCares has reached into Zambia for the first time in partnership with Yara/Greenbelt to reach farmers across the country to access soil testing.

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As SoilCares moves to get labs across Africa to reach farmers, both small and large, with accurate , reliable and easy to access soil testing information, we have partnered with Yara/Greenbelt in Zambia.

Yara/Greenbelt are a large agro-dealer in Zambia, who started life in 2004 as a fertiliser blending and marketing company. With an initial blending plant in Kabwe, Zambia, the company focused on producing crop and soil specific fertilisers, primarily for the commercial farming sector.

Greenbelt imports raw materials from around the world, blends these materials to meet client farmer’s specific soil and crop requirements to help them maximise yield and minimize costs in their farming operations. Greenbelt continues to offers agronomic services to farmers to determine accurate crop and soil specific fertiliser requirements for the commercial farming sector.

After being bought by Yara, a global firm specialising in agricultural products and environmental protection agents, in 2015, Yara/Greenbelt made the move to buy a SoilCares LIAB. 

The LIAB will be used to test the soils of small-scale farmers across the region with the aim of building up a stronger database. Once tests like these have been done, they plan to move onto large-scale farmers who are currently sending their soil to South Africa for testing. 

Once having moved on from small-scale farmers to the larger ones, they plan to invest in the SoilCares Scanner to once again focus on the small-scale market. 

To learn more about Yara/Greenbelt's business plan, or to learn more about getting a LIAB in your country, please email

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