Sustainable crop yields and impact for farmers

Working together with NGOs and Governments

Have impact and know what difference you make

Partner with SoilCares and bring the knowledge and management advice literally in the hands of all farmers, including small holders in remote areas. 

Making farmers aware of the status of their soil and giving them the means to improve their soil fertility will increase their yields tremendously.

Have your people perform soil tests and provide farmers with recommendations without any prior soil testing experience. Have access to the soil data of the farmers that had their soil tested and use this data to provide the correct inputs, to map the tested areas and to see the local soil fertility improvements.

What our solutions will offer you?

 an easy and reliable way to help farmers take care of their soil even in remote areas.

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Up-to-date soil data

With our affordable solutions you obtain the soil data of all your provided soil analyses on your computer. Easy to manage and to integrate in your system, soil testing and mapping has never been that easy!


Improved yields

Crop yields depend for up to 60% on the state of the soil. Our solutions bring soil fertility knowledge and advice on how to improve it in the hands of the small scale farmers. Higher yields within reach for your farmers!


Creating impact together

Because technology just isn't enough to create a real and sustainable impact in developing countries, we created the SoilCares Foundation. Partner up and with your knowledge and experience lets make this possible together.


Sustainable help

With our solutions farmers will have the means to improve their soil fertility themselves. Growing yields generate more income and possibilities to improve living conditions. Let farmers take responsibility of their soils!

SoilCares Foundation, every farmer benefits

The SC foundation implements projects where bringing the technology is not enough, and where the impact will be biggest and actually change lives. Making sure small holder farmers in developing countries will also benefit from the SoilCares’ solutions.