SoilCares Fertiliser Recommendations for Cocoa


Cocoa provides one of the world's most appreciated delicacies. Yet, is also one of the most jeopardised crops. Yearlong overexploitation has led to staggering production levels and degradation of its resource base. Like with every crop, sustainable production starts in the soil. SoilCares has the technology and the ambition to maintain cocoa’s most precious production factor: the soil.

For every tonne of dry cocoa about 35 kg of Nitrogen, 5 kg of P and 50 kg of K are removed from the soil. Yet, only a fraction of theses nutrients are replenished. This is especially true for the smallholder farmers in West-Africa. Continuous mining of the soil for nutrients results in declining soil fertility levels, which in turn causes declining yield levels and/or crops that are more susceptible to diseases.

SoilCares Technology

SoilCares provides on-the-spot technology to determine the soil fertility status and generate a soil management recommendation to reach a certain yield. Notably, just applying fertilisers (whether organic and/ or mineral) is not enough. When it comes to proper soil management it is all about obeying the 4R strategy: right amount, right timing, right type and right placement. The recommendation module of the SoilCares app includes all these elements.

Learn more about the nutrient needs of the cocoa crop, the effect of the soil composition on the quality of the crop and SoilCares fertiliser recommendations in our COCOA leaflet!

Download it here!

This manual is part of a series of leaflets developed by SoilCares with information on some of the world’s most widely grown crops. The aim of the manuals is to offer a brief background on the recommendation module used by SoilCares. The previous manual, dedicated to pineapple, can be downloaded here.

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