SoilCares Manual: Discover our recommendations for maize fertilisation

Did you know maize usually grows well over a pH range of 5.5 to 7.8? Outside this range, availability of nutrients to maize plants can be strongly affected, causing a reduction in plant growth. Learn more about maize cultivation and fertilisation in our latest crop manual!

In the SoilCares maize manual you will find information on:

-          Maize cultivation

-          Crop nutrient management

-          The SoilCares fertiliser recommendation system

Calculations adapted to local conditions

The calculation rules and ranges for soil fertility classes presented are adapted to local conditions and differ for different countries and/or customers within a country.

Download here the SoilCares Fertiliser Recommendation leaflet for Maize

This manual is part of a series of leaflets developed by SoilCares with information on some of the world’s most widely grown crops. The aim of the manuals is to offer a brief background on the recommendation module used by SoilCares. The first two manuals can be downloaded here: potato & rice.

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