SoilCares manual: Discover how to fertilise your potato field

Increase the yield of your potato field with the SoilCares fertiliser recommendation for potatoes

Are you interested in improving the yields of your potato fields? SoilCares has developed a manual dedicated to potatoes – one of the world’s most popular crops, in which we explain you the basics of:

  • Potato Cultivation
  • Crop Nutrient Management
  • SoilCares fertiliser recommendation system

Learn about the recommended NPK fertiliser ratio

From the manual you can also learn about the recommended NPK fertiliser ratio for potatoes and how we determine our fertiliser recommendations.

Adapted to local conditions

The calculation rules and ranges for soil fertility classes presented in the leaflet are adapted to local conditions and differ for different countries and/or customers within a country.

Download the SoilCares Fertiliser Recommendation for Potatoes here!

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