SoilCares in South America


The SoilCares team was in Cartagena for the Argus FMB Fertiliser conference in January 2016.


Robbert Ausems, our international Sales Manager, and Maeva Gauvrit from Communications were there presenting our two main products the Scanner and the Lab-in-a-box.

They met with the fertiliser industry that was very enthusiast about how they could introduce the Lab-in-a-box as a new service to their portfolio. First contacts were also made with local soil laboratories that are now interested in doubling their weekly number of analyses by using the SoilCares Lab-in-a-box.

The Scanner was received as usual with great pleasure. A lot of people have already signed up to be the first to use them. Its ergonomic design enchants everyone just as much as the fact it can analyse soil in less then 30 seconds.

The fact that the database has yet to be developed in South America does not seem to scare our new potential partners. In fact they are ready to help us with it. If it is also your case please contact us.

"I was delighted to acknowledge the local interest in our solutions. Hopefully we can start developing the database there soon. There are multiple big plantations in South America that would really benefit from our products."

Maeva Gauvrit
Communication officer

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