SoilCares in NABC magazine


An article about SoilCares' work in Africa is published in the NABC magazine. The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) publishes every year a magazine, that is distributed among all Dutch embassies in Africa and among all members of NABC.

The Netherlands-African Business Council is the leading networking organisation for trade and investment facilitation on the African continent. The NABC visions that by 2025 Africa is an economically thriving continent that is globally competitive in trade and investment. NABC's mission is to ensure that the Dutch private sector plays a crucial role in driving Africa's growth in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

SoilCares' ambition to give every farmer access to soil testing to help to bridge the yield gap fits perfectly in NABC's mission. In the article SoilCares explains the issues tat will be addressed by the scanner and how the company and the foundation work together to reach the farmers.

Read more about NABC here.

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