SoilCares ready for market launch

Dutch Sprouts teams up with investor Nimbus as of April 1st, 2016. Dutch Sprouts aims to support farmers worldwide to increase their yields by providing them with intuitive, smart and affordable solutions in order to monitor crop and soil quality. Dutch Sprouts combines various sensors and complex databases in its products, enabling farmers to increase their yields up to 50% per hectare.

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Dutch Sprouts’ subsidiary SoilCares is about to launch a revolutionary scanner, a handheld device that processes on-the-spot soil tests in order to receive adequate lime and fertiliser recommendations within 30 seconds on a smartphone. SoilCares will launch the scanner this summer 2016.

The partnership with Nimbus enables Dutch Sprouts to accelerate the rollout of this new product and to further internationalise the company. The investment of Nimbus shows a great confidence in the technology as well as the people within Dutch Sprouts. Nimbus’ expertise in supporting companies into the next phase of growth makes them the perfect partner for Dutch Sprouts.

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