When should I test my soil?

In general, soil samples can be taken any time throughout the year if you feel like it is necessary. It is recommended to collect them 1 to 2 months before planting, this way, the inputs you apply after the results have time to react before the crops are planted.

At SoilCares, we recommend that you at least test your soil in the three following cases:

  1. Once every 2-3 years to detect differences in soil fertility.

In practice, it is important to take samples at the same time of year so as to compare the results with those of the precedent years.

  1. When there is a change in the crops to be grown

Every crop has its own need for nutrients. The results of soil testing can be used to choose the adequate fertiliser inputs to reach an optimal yield.

  1. If problems occur during the growing season

Problems that occur during growing seasons can be caused by a lot of factors, such as weather circumstances but mostly due to lack of nutrients. When a part of the field shows great growth differences, a soil test is useful.

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