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Direct on-site acces to soiltesting services only laboratories could provide until now

The most complete, fast, affordable and reliable solution to test soil on-site

Imagine having direct access to services only laboraties could provide until now, testing up to 22,500 soil samples a year yourself without any previous lab experience.

At SoilCares we give you access to our Global Soil Database and put the knowledge of our lead scientists in your hands. The Lab-in-a-Box services will provide you with a complete soil fertility status and customisable hands-on management recommendations.

  • Quick and reliable soil status
  • On-site complete laboratory
  • Fixed monthly subscriptions
  • Intelligent big data solution
  • No lab experience needed

A complete soil fertility status

pH (KCl)

Total nitrogen (g/kg)

Total phosphorus (g/kg)

Potassium (exch.) (mmol+/kg) 

Total Sulfur (g/kg)

Calcium (exch.) (mmol+/kg)

Magnesium (exch.) (mmol+/kg)

Aluminium (exch.) (%)

Boron (exch.) (mmol-/kg)

Boron (Mehlich 3) (mg/kg)

Lime (g/kg)

Total Zinc (g/kg) 

Total Copper (mg/kg)

Electrical conductivity (dS/m)

Iron (Mehlich 3) (mg/kg)

Potassium (Mehlich 3) (mg/kg)

Magnesium (Mehlich 3) (g/kg)

Manganese (M3) (mg/kg)

Molybdenum (mg/kg)

Sodium (exch.) (mmol+/kg)

Phosphorus (Mehlich 3) (mg/kg)

CEC (mmol+/kg)

Copper (Mehlich 3) (mg/kg)

Organic matter (g/kg) 

Zinc (Mehlich 3) (mg/kg)

Clay (%) 

Sand (%)

Silt (%)

Organic matter (g/kg)

Customised recommendations

All the soil data that you obtain with your Lab-in-a-Box can be integrated in your personal management system.

SoilCares can provide you with lime and fertiliser recommendations based on the insights of your own agronomists.

With the GPS located data that the Lab-in-a-Box provides we can create a mapped overview of the nutrient needs in your area.

SoilCares can customise the reports to your brand. Recommend your own fertilisers on a personalised report with your logo.

Our Lab-in-a-Box subscriptions

At SoilCares, we have a subscription model for every need and prices adapted to every market.

Whether you own a big agro-holding and analyse 6,000 samples a year or a service provider reaching volumes of 20,000 a year, choose your subscription and pay a fixed quarterly fee.

If you are interested in using our Lab-in-a-Box at its full capacity we also have a Full Flex subscription, contact us for more information.

How it works

An accurate and complete soil status within 2 hours

hiw-liab-1.png (1)


Collect a representative soil sample

hiw-liab-2.png (1)


Dry and grind your soil sample

hiw-liab-3.png (1)


Analyse and let the database do the magic

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Receive soil status and recomendations


We have developed a compact modern laboratory to analyse soil samples, on-site,  that will provide you with better and faster results than a traditional wet chemistry lab.

All components standardised and tested by SoilCares Up to a 100 samples analysed in a day Fully digital, no wet chemistry State-of-the-art spectrometers mobile-product-labinabox.png

List of components of the Lab-in-a-Box


Sample-prep equipment

  • Soil crusher
  • Ball mill
  • Soil dryers
  • Sample splitter
  • Plastic buckets
  • Sieve and pestle
  • Samples cans and tubes

Analytical equipment

  • MIR ALPHA spectrometer
  • XRF spectrometer
  • HP Laptops
  • Label printer
  • Barcode reader
  • Printer

The SoilCares Global Soil Database

To predict the soil status, the Lab-in-a-Box compares its results to our unique Global Soil Database. It is developed and permanently updated by SoilCares’ research team in our own Golden Standard Laboratory following a standardised procedure to ensure accurate results. We aim to develop this database until it covers the entire world so every farmer has access to the knowledge of our soil scientists.

"2016 is a year of plenty!"

"Farmers, county admins, service providers (eg. seed companies) are receptive. It was a relief to them as they would travel for over 300 km for the same service and wait for over two weeks as opposed to the two hours from SoilCares. The LIAB was installed shortly after the start of the season and therefore farmers have already planted, but I am pretty sure that next season there will be a whole lot of difference.

 I have been in Meru for quite some time now and it has not been one farmer but many who have given me positive feedback after a previous SoilCares analysis. 2016 is a year of plenty!"

Farmers Center in Meru (Kenya)

Frequently asked questions

With the Lab-in-a-Box, the first step is to collect and prepare your sample following an easy to learn and standardised procedure.

The second step is to analyse your  sample with our two spectrometers (XRays and Infrared). The results are compared to  the SoilCares Global Soil Database,  developed in our own Golden Standard Lab. Within minutes you obtain on your computer accurate results. 

This is how you obtain on your computer accurate results in less than two hours without the use of any chemicals.

To enable the operation of a SoilCares Lab-in-a-Box in a new country, a calibration exercise has to be undertaken. A specific amount of samples have to be collected at locations predefined by SoilCares and fully analysed at the SoilCares Calibration Laboratory in the Netherlands. Once a contract is signed, SoilCares will deploy one lead sample taker to your country to train a maximum of three local sample takers that the buyer will provide. SoilCares will bear the costs of the sample takers, the sample taking tools, the shipment of the samples to the Netherlands and their full analysis by the SoilCares Calibration Laboratory. Within a couple of months, the region is covered and the Lab-in-a-Box ready to work.

For each sample analysed by the SoilCares Software System you will pay a small fee to be provided with a complete soil fertility status and crop specific fertilizer recommendations. This fee will be calculated on a per sample basis. Any additional features to the standard recommendation format will increase the initial fee.

No chemicals are required to run the LIAB.

Please ask for a quote for more information.

A single person can perfectly operate the Lab-in-a-Box. The number of people that should be running the Lab-in-a-Box entirely depends on the amount of samples you want analysed in a day.

The Lab-in-a-Box is a product that we adapt to the customers needs. Please contact our Sales team for a personal quotation.

We use the personal data we receive from you for the following purposes:

-       To ensure that content from our solutions are presented in the most effective manner for you, your computer and mobile device.

-       To provide you with information about our products or services.

-       To carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and us.

-       To allow you to participate in competitions and interactive features of our service, when you choose to do so.

-       To notify you about changes to our service.

-       To provide location based services to you.

-       To provide you with information about goods and services which may be of interest to you, including goods and services from third parties.

-       For analyzing and researching purposes.

For more information, please contact us and ask for our Lab-in-a-box privacy policy.

The warranty of the analytical and processing equipment will be of maximum 1 year and bounded and limited to the terms and conditions set by the original manufacturer of the equipment. Damage due to malpractice, misuse of the equipment and/or natural disasters will not be covered by the warranty.

The warranty of the equipment produced by Soilcares will be of maximum 1 year.  Damage due to mal practice, misuse of the equipment or natural disasters will not be covered by the warranty.

Please contact us and ask for the terms and conditions of sales of the Lab-in-a-box for more information.