SoilCares Soil Scanner

Instant, on-the-spot data and recommendations to get more out of your soil.

Soil testing has never been this easy!

Imagine yourself scanning soil with an easy-to-use handheld tool and proceeding to your own on-the-spot quality soil checks using your smartphone in 10 minutes.

We give you access to the SoilCares Global Soil Database and put the knowledge of our leading soil scientists in your hand.

  • Fast and smart soiltesting
  • Easy-to-use handheld tool
  • Wireless and web-connected
  • Cost effective big data solution
  • Fixed monthly subscriptions

Soil status

The Soil Scanner will determine the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and determine the pH, cation exchange capacity, soil temperature and the organic matter level.

Suitable crops

The Soil Scanner will provide you with a list of crops suitable for your soil.

Management advice

You will also receive hands-on lime and fertiliser recommendations alternatives that are available in your country.

Annual license fee

At SoilCares, we provide you with real-time soil testing results and lime and fertiliser recommendations for an annual license fee.

Whether you are a farmer monitoring your own soil fertility or an advisor
providing soil fertility recommendations to your customers, choose our services
and start analysing.

How it works

Soil data and recommendations on your phone in 10 minutes.



Scan the soil

hiw-scanner-2.png (1)


Upload the data via the app

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Let the database do the magic

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Receive your report


We have created a tool that can be used by every farmer on this planet with no prior experience in soil testing. Light-weighted, durable, beautifully designed and very affordable.

Just one button Ergonomically designed Near infrared and EC sensor combined mobile-product-scanner.png

Technical specifications

  • Near Infra Red Spectrometer Wavelength Range: 1300-2600nm MEMS technology
  • Near Infra Red Spectrometer Electric conductivity: alternate bi-polaire EC 1kHz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 USB 2.0, high speed 480Mbp
  • Battery life: 200 scans
  • Battery power : 3,6V/1,6A rechargeable
  • Sample area: octagon 25 square millimetres
  • Light source: Tungsten (Halogen) lamps Bulb life: >10 000 hours
  • Dimensions: height 230mm, bottom diameter 90mm
  • Weight 1450g
  • Material: metal and plastic
  • PRODUCT INDUSTRIAL STANDARDS: CE Mark YES. Package drop test ISTA3 Product qualification IP 65

This is all you need

The SoilCares Soil Scanner is delivered in a durable case as a complete set. Download the app on your smartphone and start scanning!

  1. A charged SoilCares Soil Scanner
  2. A smartphone with Android 4.3 or higher
  3. The SoilCares App installed
  4. A mobile internet connection

Charger and USB Cable are included.


The SoilCares Global Soil Database

To predict the soil status, the Scanner compares its results to our unique Global Soil Database. It is developed and permanently updated by SoilCares’ research team in our own Golden Standard Laboratory following a standardised procedure to ensure accurate results. We aim to develop this database until it covers the entire world so every farmer has access to the knowledge of our soil scientists.

Simple on the outside, high tech inside

The Scanner may look very simple from the outside; the technology inside is very sophisticated and ground breaking. The Scanner contains a light source and a NIR spectrometer on a chip. The real game changer is however the combination of the device and the database in the cloud. The scans from the SoilCares Scanner are compared with the data in the cloud and crop specific fertiliser recommendations are given via your smartphone. 

Frits Oukes

Frequently asked questions

The scanner works in the area where we have already build our Global Soil Database.

The selling price of the Scanner is our production price. At SoilCares we make no profit on the sales of the Hardware, only on the connection to our database that produces the report.

We use the data we receive from your smartphone for the following purposes:

-       To ensure that content from our solutions are presented in the most effective manner for you, your computer and mobile device.

-       To provide you with information about our products or services.

-       To carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and us.

-       To allow you to participate in competitions and interactive features of our service, when you choose to do so.

-       To notify you about changes to our service.

-       To provide location based services to you.

-       To provide you with information about goods and services which may be of interest to you, including goods and services from third parties.

-       For analyzing and researching purposes.

The Scanner is a mobile device that provides the level of pH, N, P, K, EC and organic matter in 30 seconds. The Lab-in-a-box provides a complete soil status (Macro and Micro nutrients) in two hours.

To large farmers and service providers we recommend the Scanner for after planting monitoring and the Lab-in-a-box before planting.

To small scale farmers we advise the use of the Scanner both before and after planting.

SoilCares Foundation, every farmer benefits

The SC foundation implements projects where bringing the technology is not enough, and where the impact will be biggest and actually change lives. Making sure small holder farmers in developing countries will also benefit from the SoilCares’ solutions.

Any questions?