The SoilCares handheld scanner should only be used in combination with the SoilCares mobile app according to its purpose, namely scanning the type of samples for which the scanner in combination with the app is suited. The scanner should not be used outside the territory for which the SoilCares mobile app has been downloaded.

The calibration of the scanner as well as the sampling should be executed according the procedure described by the software, instruction cards and manuals.

A phone shall be used, matching the prescribed requirement, on which the mobile app is downloaded, with sufficient power, a Bluetooth connection functioning according technical specification, with the handheld scanner and continuous access to the internet.

EC measurements can only be performed when the samples contain enough moisture, as explained in the technical documentation.

The analysis report exclusively relates to the sample presented to and examined by the Soil Cares handheld scanner. SoilCares gives no Warranty that the Analysis Report relates to the source or any part of the source of the sample. Please note that the recommendations given in the Analysis Report provide indicative rates, are only valid for the sample presented and based on the measured and depicted parameters included in the request for analysis, such as crop type, field size, yield target and estimated fertilizer recovery. The sporadic character of samples and the date of the Analysis Report shall be fundamental in reading and interpretation of the Analysis Report. Whilst SoilCares have taken all reasonable care to ensure that our recommendations are accurate, SoilCares have not taken into account other factors that could greatly reduce crop nutrient uptake including but not limited to soil moisture, root diseases, nematodes, water logging, compaction, acidity, fertilizer placement. etc. Therefore SoilCares accept no liability for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of the fertilizers and under no circumstances whatsoever shall SoilCares be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages which may arise therefrom. This document cannot be reproduced except in full and with prior written approval of SoilCares.

Version April 5, 2016