Become a SoilCares Distribution Partner

Start providing your clients with precision agriculture services

You provide the network, we have the services

At SoilCares, we have the ambition is to bring soil fertility knowledge directly into the hands of all farmers worldwide by providing them with data-based precision farming tools.

To do so, we need your help.

Our distributor network is the backbone of our organization and a driving force in our outstanding growth and success in major markets around the world. Ideally positioned to serve the growing agricultural market on virtually every continent, the possibilities are endless as a SoilCares dealer.

Profile for Success as a SoilCares Distribution Partner: 

- knowledge of the local market and ability to identify customer needs and expectations

- capacity to adopt and implement innovative agricultural technology

- sales experience with same or similar products and financial stability

- overall fit with SoilCares goals, operating philosophy and business practices 

If your dealership fits the profile of a SoilCares dealer, we’d love to hear from you.