Know what inputs to produce

Find out the specific needs of your customers soils with our solutions

Give more added value to the services you provide

We offer you information to fit you business to the market. Get closer to the market, get closer to the farmer, get closer to the field!

Anticipate to the needs of your market based on real time soilfertility information.

Know what inputs to produce, whether it are seeds or fertilisers. Blend your fertilisers in the exact ratio your customers need.

Or are you interested in adding a new service to your portfolio? 

Support your customers by encouraging them to make the best input application choices.

Get closer to the market, the farmer and the field!

What our solutions will offer you

The key to satisfied customers and an optimal range of services.


Create added value

Become an agricultural advisor with our services and advise your clients with tailor-made input recommendations. Propose your own products and boost your sales.


Know what to produce

Our services will give you better insights on the specific needs of your customers, giving you the opportunity to produce custom made inputs for them and boosting your sales.


Expand your services

Provide your customers services that until now only laboratories could and guarantee yourself a recurring income thanks to our clever business models.

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