Manage your soil fertility

Data and technology to optimise your yield

Fast, cheap and reliable soil analysis in your farm

Free yourself from inconvenient and slow procedures, you no longer have to depend on expensive, time-consuming and complicated procedures to obtain the information you need. Have access to data about your soil, detect harmful insects threatening your crops anywhere and anytime you want by using SoilCares products and services. All our products and services are fast, reliable and affordable and easy to install and integrate in your management system and can be operated without any prior experience.

What our products will offer you

A direct fast and easy access to the knowledge of the best Dutch agronomists and soil scientists.


Less input for more output

With our affordable solutions save time and money and obtain higher and more sustainable yields. A low investment for a better harvest.


Knowledge and autonomy

Let our solutions make you independent and stop relying on third parties and long procedures to reach your objectives. Access your data anywhere and anytime.


Easy management

Start using our products straight away and integrate your data in your management system. High tech but simple! Made to improve your crop yield, not to  complicate your daily routines.


Sustainable development

Our solutions help you adjust your application of chemical products to the minimum for strong crops and a healthier planet. Save your money and your soils.

Let's improve your crop yield together!