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At SoilCares our business model is simple. We sell our products for production price and charge the access to our databases where lies the knowledge. Our innovative solutions are made to make life easier for farmers but we can not reach all of them ourselves.

We are looking for new partners.



Is your laboratory limited by your staff or equipment? Would you like to increase your capacity and eradicate human mistakes at very low costs? 



Would you like to create your own business providing fast, reliable and affordable soil testing services with our products and services? 



Are you an international corporate company investing in agriculture? Do you want to bring the latest technologies to your clients? 



Are you an agricultural dealer selling to farmers and wanting to expand your market, improve your sales and obtain more loyalty from your customers? 

Become a service provider and expand your business with services only laboratories could provide until now. The best part is that all our products and services are affordable, reliable and very easy to use. Reach many farmers at low costs!


New technologies

Are you an agricultural dealer already selling to farmers? Do you want to expand your market, improve your sales and obtain more loyalty from your customers? Become an agricultural advisor and provide fast, affordable and reliable soil testing services to your clients.


Reliable support

Work with SoilCares and offer your customers a wider and game changing range of services. Our Big Data solutions and new technologies will broaden your portfolio and make you and your clients step into the future. 

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Recurring income

Because the magic of our solutions lies in our intelligent databases, our business model is to charge its access and not the hardware. Every connection, every 'click' benefits you.

Become a SoilCares Partner

Whether your region has an operational database or not, we are actively looking for new organisations to partner with. We aim to put our knowledge in the hands of farmers worldwide, but need partners to reach the hundreds of millions of farmers. If you have a large network of farmers or services that synergise with our soil testing services, contact us now!

If your country has an operational database, find your service and we will put you in touch with our proactive sales team.

If your country does not yet have a database, contact us and lets get the process started.


Let's enhance your business together!