Our Story

SoilCares' background

Founded in Wageningen

SoilCares is born in 2013 in Wageningen, the Netherlands, as part of the Dutch Sprouts family. Dutch Sprouts is a spin off of BLGG Laboratories, which was sold to Eurofins in 2013. Expertised agronomists and researchers work together in SoilCares to make agricultural knowledge accessible and affordable to all farmers worldwide by bringing new technologies literally into their hands.

Under BLGG, work began in Kenya and across the continent. There, where agricultural knowledge is hard to reach and even harder to make use of, SoilCares has introduced the first products to bring soil testing technology to the farmers in the field. Since 2013, SoilCares Africa has reached over 5000 farmers in Kenya with fertilizer recommendations based on soil tests that were performed in a SoilCares’ Lab-in-a-box, which were installed in Landrovers. We learned that just offering the service wasn’t enough to reach the small holder farmers. In 2014 the SoilCares Foundation was established to bring access to the right information and technology for their farms in order to enable them to manage their soils effectively.

Since 2014 SoilCares’ products have improved: the Lab-in-a-box is now as accurate as a traditional wet chemistry analytical laboratory and with the SoilCares Scanner you can offer real-time and on the spot fertilizer and lime recommendations that are given based on measurement of pH, N,P, K and organic matter. The SoilCares scanner will be ready to use in Kenya in late 2016, while we continue to build our global soil database to support farmers worldwide with our products.